Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lets do it dirty in midget-pogo

Anyone who knows Scary Bitches know they have really good sense of humour but somehow I dont know if this is funny, or just --- true.

A few days ago I was on the Casualties. If you like the punk oi street scene you NEED to know who are the Casualties, one of the best over-the-seas band that .... an commercial band. Well they where good if you ask me, and they didnt kill the atmosphere at the concert, they really gave us a good show but.... deathrock baby.

It was a good scene to see room full of punx, the little skins and little mohawks. big spiked hair and so on. But underneath that all, do they know WHAT is the MEANING of punk lifestyle? It isnt the hair, the studs, the piercings nor the pain. Its something inside. Its respect, respect to music, to the elders, to life. You need to have fun in your life, not to harm others, not to throw bottles in the wall 'cos you are punk' and do stupid things like pierce your nose with sewing needle. That is just plain retarded.

The kids now days dont have the respect for the elderly. They dont, really, and if you get pissed on this that you are one of them. They are few people who do pay respect to others. Even they are longer than you on the scene or anything else. You need to pay the respect, dont be cocky and bitchy, cos on the end people who are like that always where and will pe total tools, posers, fakes. Respect is what you give and what you will get in return.

The little sluts on the concert. Ou that was a blast. You are 13, you dont have tits and you decide to take off your shirt cos you are 'hot as hell' and go in the pogo- if you can call that a FUCKING POGO. MIDGET-POGO as I called it, cos the average hight of a person in the pogo was 150cm. That is just, argh. Midget pogo I tell you.

I thought this is only problem on 'goth scene' here in shithole, but it seems young 'baby bats' and 'baby punx' are the same. No respect towards the music, older people, the scene nor themselves. Having 'Exploited' or 'HIM' t-shirt, doesent make you punk or goth, it makes you stupid cos' you gave 90% more money to the store for a t-shirt, and you could just make it on your own (DIY kids, it isnt a disease, its a state of mind - try it).

Don't think I'm just a fat bastard that hates people, well this is partially true, but as I remember when I was younger on the beginning, before.... 6-7 years, or something like that, I always gave a lot respect to older people who are in that lifestyle longer than me. The respect to the music, damn it, I was learning bout' the music for YEARS and YEARS. Fucking shit I'm still learning bout' the new romantic phase, and old electronic in Europe. You need to learn a lot, study the music, the lifestyle, the history, not to rush in....

Conclusion, the problem isnt in the kids, its in us who stop going out cos we think we are old. Kids will always be kids, some will move on with the life and say that was just a phase, but some will stick with it and end just like us. So lets stick with our lifestyle, and carry on the knowledge on our kids *ou gosh I almost vomited*

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wave Gotik Treffen (2011)

Place where people wont judge you. That ist just a fact. Especially if you dont know a work of German, than that Leipzig (Germany) will be perfect for you!

I was there 3 years in a row, and I will be 3 more years or more! It is perfect to go abroad to a country where you dont know a word of their language, call me uneducated fat bitch if you like, but I dont want to hear the comments of 'normies' around the city. Even they wont go in your face and tell bunch of stuff (like they do here where I live, they are usually gay-orientated and satanic-like comments, of course and on the end finish with a fist fight if you are lucky, they wont pull out a knife or anything else - YAY CROATIA!).

You can see bunch of people, dressed like you, they are in the same subculture and they won't judge joy cos you are a male, dressed in a skirt, or in latex. It doesn't matter if you are fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful, people in general wont notice you on the street you will be 'one of the masses' and I like that, I fit there and all the people who come here come to party, to go on concerts, to drink and to have fun.

(dont worry, we aren't strange, we are just drunk)

Be different, be unique, be yourself.

This sounds like perfect campaign for next year's wgt. lol.


I was thinking how cool it would be to have sarcastic posts on your blog, write about how to be elite on the scene and how to DIY stuff. but im just too lazy to type and I think Im too ugly to make video entries on youtube (but my room is just far too messy and I dont want to broadcast my white walls covered in sperm all over the internet) so Im just going to sit here in front of the monitor thinking oh I dont have the inspiration to thing and just carry on with browsing the facebook, vampirefreaks and google plus accounts.... till it will be 3 in the morning and I decide to do something creative, right.

Where did the inspiration go?

With my youth, of course.