Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wave Gotik Treffen (2011)

Place where people wont judge you. That ist just a fact. Especially if you dont know a work of German, than that Leipzig (Germany) will be perfect for you!

I was there 3 years in a row, and I will be 3 more years or more! It is perfect to go abroad to a country where you dont know a word of their language, call me uneducated fat bitch if you like, but I dont want to hear the comments of 'normies' around the city. Even they wont go in your face and tell bunch of stuff (like they do here where I live, they are usually gay-orientated and satanic-like comments, of course and on the end finish with a fist fight if you are lucky, they wont pull out a knife or anything else - YAY CROATIA!).

You can see bunch of people, dressed like you, they are in the same subculture and they won't judge joy cos you are a male, dressed in a skirt, or in latex. It doesn't matter if you are fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful, people in general wont notice you on the street you will be 'one of the masses' and I like that, I fit there and all the people who come here come to party, to go on concerts, to drink and to have fun.

(dont worry, we aren't strange, we are just drunk)

Be different, be unique, be yourself.

This sounds like perfect campaign for next year's wgt. lol.

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